Art & Culture, agra

Agra is an amalgamation of various cultures. The traces of the different cultures can be seen in each and every part of the country. The city is a mixture of both rustic and modern lifestyle. As Agra falls under the Brij region in Uttar Pradesh. The city is influenced by the Brij culture. People`s food habits, language and attires have influences from the Brij culture. The culture of Agra can be described as amalgamation of Brij culture and Mughal culture.

Agra is also home to people who have diverse religious beliefs and practices. Some of the most prominent religions practiced by the residents of Agra are Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, and Buddhism.The culture of Agra was largely influenced by the Mughals, who gifted the city with fine specimens of wonderful buildings and architectures.

One of the important aspects of the culture of Agra is the variety of colorful festivals.The main languages in Agra are Hindi and Urdu. The city is famous for Mughlai dishes and typical Agra delicacies.